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Smoke & Fire uses Discord for guild voice communications. For your convenience, Discord can be run directly from your web browser or via a standalone client. The standalone client supports features such as push-to-talk and a game overlay. Discord also allows us to give temporary voice access to non-guild members for things such as dungeon groups, raids, etc!

Click THIS LINK to access our Discord Channel!

How do I check my mic / speaker settings?
  1. Goto User Settings
  2. Select Voice
  3. Select Input / Output Devices and adjust volume levels

How do I enable Push-To-Talk?
  1. Goto User Settings
  2. Select Voice
  3. Change Input Mode to Push to Talk
  4. Select Keybinds
  5. Click Add a Keybind
  6. Select Push to Talk and add a keybind
  7. Click Done

How do I enable the game overlay?
  1. Goto User Settings
  2. Select Overlay
  3. Click the checkbox to Enable in-game overlay and adjust preferences
  4. Click Done

How do I invite someone to our voice channel?
  1. Click the Instant Invite icon next to the Smoke & Fire Chat voice channel
  2. Copy and send the link
  3. Click Advanced Settings to set things such as time expirations, max uses,etc.

Smoke & FIRE ~~~!!!

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